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September 23, 2016



I (perhaps foolishly) upgraded to Sierra. FlowJo gives me an error on startup, but seems to run ok if I click continue. Am I in danger of screwing something up royally if I continue to do this?

FlowJo Tech Support

Unfortunately we have been unable to adequately test FlowJo v10 on Mac's newest OSX 10.12 (Sierra) at this time. I am a bit surprised that FlowJo v10 works at all on that OS, as FlowJo v10 currently requires Java 6 which is not supported there.

If you choose to continue using this OS with FlowJo v10, please feel free to report any issues you experience to: techsupport@flowjo.com


Could you estimate when the new version will be available?


I'm having the same experience as Mielcarz. Running Flowjo 10.2 in Sierra without any major issues, apart from Internal Error message on startup.

Jaromir Mikes

Unfortunately, I'm having serious troubles after the mentioned upgrade to MacOs Sierra. Gates created by Boolean combination do not occur in Layouts when switched to "Iterate by: Sample" although they are visible when the Iterate is OFF. Similarly, I see statistics in FJ but it is missing after export from Tables.


any updates on the 10.3 release? thanks!


Hi guys... any inofrmation on the 10.3 update? thank you!


To be honest, I don't understand why a current, actively maintained software is dependent on Java 6 (released in 2006) when Java 7 (2011) and even Java 8 (2014) are available for years...


Hi FlowJo,

This is not a problem -- Sierra throws an error directing users to this page (https://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572?locale=en_US) enabling download of the deprecated Java SE6 environment.

FlowJo runs fine on Sierra after this.



Hi FlowJo,

I just purchased a new MacBook Pro 13" (2016, Touch Bar) and now cannot open FlowJo v10.2. I even tried running v9 and whist this will open, I cannot draw gates, etc on the plots.

FlowJo v10.2 worked perfectly on my previous MacBook Air running macOS Sierra, so I can only assume the software doesn't play well with something on the new MacBook Pro? I have installed the legacy Java 6, but when opening the application, I get an immediate crash and error report following the splash screen. I sincerely hope that you can find a fix for this, as I depend heavily on this software for my work!!

Any help, or information on v10.3 would be great appreciated!



Hi AdamC,
I have the exact same problem and have tried the same. Did you find any solution for it?


Adam and Edu,
Same problem here on a new MacBook Pro 15" (2016, TouchBar). I hope they fix this issue soon.


Adam Farkas

Same issue on new 2016 MacBook Pro as Adam and Edu. Appears to be an issue with the new laptops. It's super frustrating. Any advice is appreciated.

(another) Adam


FlowJo requiring Java environments outdated for many years is bad enough.

But the complete lack of communication by FlowJo regarding the timelines/roadmap for 10.3 (i.e. compatibility to MacOS Sierra) is not acceptable for a software in this price range.

Many IT departments actually require (or will soon require) an update to MacOS Sierra for security reasons. And FlowJo just does not bother to state how this should work out for people depending on FlowJo in their daily work routines.


Any further information on this? I'm having the same problem, and the lack of a timeline - or any communication - on this issue is frustrating.


How about new v.9.9.5 ?


Progress! I downloaded the 10.3 beta 2 software. It is up and running on my new MBP (touchbar) running OS 10.12.4 beta (and set to use the discrete graphics card). Currently things seem stable (in that I can at least get back into my ACS files on this machine again). Will update with further experience on this...


Hi guys,
There's any update about flowjoX in MacOS Sierra? I would like to update my OS.


Hey FlowJo Users,

FlowJo has fixed the issue with the new MacBook Pro's w/ Touchbar, please see our beta.flowjo.com v10 page to get the latest FlowJo that runs on this hardware.

Note, updating to the latest Mac OS Sierra is recommended, usually done from the App Store.

Of course, direct all queries for more in-depth help to techsupport@flowjo.com, we are glad to help you there.

Best regards,

Miguel Velazquez

FlowJo Technical Support Staff

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