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February 18, 2015



That works, but only if you don't have gates made for the samples. If you have gates already made for the samples, then the values "skip over" the individual gate rows. So, if my keyword is A1-A10 and I have 10 samples with 4 gates each, then the first one would be A1 and the second sample would be A5, etc.

Helene Dujardin

Great! I tried the same with other applications in MAC, Numbers and TExtEdit, and it worked fine too. Regarding Sasha issue, what can be done is to 'collaspe' all the gate hierarchy before pasting the keywords values. You find the tool expand/collapse in the menu Edit (or use "Alt" and collapse one, it will collapse all).

today bepanah

Thank You For Providing information. You efforts are admirable and helps me alot. very nice


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