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January 29, 2009



When will this functionality be available in a Mac Beta?

Maciej Simm

3D is not planned for the mac version, but you can run FJ 7.5 on a mac, so long as it's intel based. Actually I'm not even sure java cares about the intel part.. but it does need java 1.6 to run.


I do feel a little stupid now, but how do I run the 7.5 beta on OS X?
All the downloads I can find for the 7.5 version are Windows-style .exe file. Is there a How-To or similar help around?

Maciej Simm

Markus, I haven't yet posted a "how to do it" , but it's on my todo for this week, since Linux users are also calling.


I am a bit confused by your statement that the 3D viewing option "is not planned for the Mac version". The demo clearly looks like it was run on a Mac, albeit likely an Intel version. Does this mean that all of your future development will be on a universal version (Windows and OSX) that only runs on Macs with Intel chips?

Maciej Simm

Ed, it's impossible to comment on >all< of our future development :)

For the time being, V7 will become more flexible in terms of supported OS's - however, it's java-version bound.

Unfortunately, Apple made java 1.6 only available for intel core2duo (not the previous "coreDuo" 32 bit chips) - so osx's confinement is even more limited to just those.

To disambiguate the original statement - V8 will not inherit the 3D platform. V7 was in fact demoed on a mac as you've noticed, but only because my capture software works on macs :)


Just have a q regarding changing the display colors. Is there a way to change background, or dot color in 3D mode to white?
Also, how about exporting images? I tried 7.5 today and it's not that slow even on my crappy laptop, however, there seem to be some glitches when it comes to 3D window size and visibility of drop-down sub-menus, i.e. even when stretched to full-screen, some of the commands (save image) are not visible. Using Vista.

maciej simm

Vedran, you can change dots to white by resetting all color column selectors to "static".

there is a "save image" to handle exporting iimages;

the platform is too tall in the Y direction to fit on some laptops.. known issue, we'll work on it.


I believe the above link for the 3D quicktime demo movie has changed to http://offsite.treestar.com/downloads/threeD.mov


How can we get the % of a clearly individualized population on a 3D plot? Can we also go from one sample to the next as for a conventional 2D plot?

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