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March 03, 2008



Nope! You should better make PC based FlowJo Graphical output (and quality) similar to that of Mac.
These "gradiented" (or any other funky backgrounds will never be something that is going to end in publication.

Maciej Simm

Good feedback, thanks Vedran ;)

John Altman

Shirley you're joking, Maciej? You are, aren't you?

Maciej Simm

John, I was of course not serious about THIS particular style of backgrounds, but the idea in general to open the same styling options as you would expect to find in powerpoint etc.


Well, do you think it is necessary? If you can export a plot with a transparent background, than you can have any background you can imagine. I'm not sure that loading the software with options like this will make it more "user friendly", or run smoother.

Maciej Simm

Vedran, you're right. rest assured this is not getting any man-hours from engineering (so we can put 7.3 out!)

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