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February 29, 2008


Michael Gerner

Cannot see the text of samples and groups after opening a new workspace. After fixing the preferences (set to default), the program runs normally until it is closed. Upon reopening, the text is invisible again in new workspaces. The new version appears to have corrupted the old version of Flowjo.

Maciej Simm

Hi Michael, we found that 8.7 was causing a change to the prefs file. If 8.7 remains on your file system after 8.7.1 has been installed, double-clicking old workspaces will still invoke 8.7 - and this action will garble the prefs.

Once 8.7 AND the faulty prefs are removed from the file system, this error should go away.

Jorge R Almeida

I have the same error and I don't have a flowjo plist file in my computer nor the 8.7 distribution of Flowjo.

Maciej Simm

Hello Jorge, perhaps you are experiencing an unrelated problem. I can't tell by the description, please send full description to flowjo at treestar dot com.

molly ingersoll

i have the same problem as the Jorge Almedia, where all the file names are invisible on 8.2.2. i did all the things listed on the daily dongle, such as deleting all of the old versions of flowjo and resetting the factory preferences and this have not fixed the problem. if you have found a solution for Jorge could you please post it and forward it to me.



This is happening to me now for the first time in 2011.
How do I fix it? have been using same computer for 5 years without trouble! now suddenly I can't see the samples at all.

maciej simm

Anne, try deleting your prefs as per the post instructions above ;)

maciej simm

the flowjo diagnostic tool now knows how to find and move these files to the desktop (better than deleting, since you can either put them back or email to me for analysis.)

this link contains the diagnostic version that is contemporary with my comment. If your read this months/years later, and the link is broken, just email simm at treestar for the latest.


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