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October 29, 2007



Very interesting - is this on your Mac Pro? I haven't played w/ FlowJo on my MacBook Pro since I upgraded. I have noticed my computer seems to run hotter now (as a friend of mine noted - "There's a lot of GOOD background stuff running.") However, that could also be from the 250gb HD I installed at the same time. ;) I'm curious how some of the changes in Leopard's development software will affect further FlowJo programming - but that's a little off topic for this blog. :)


Of course I missed the obvious; this is on your MBP. :)

Maciej Simm

Laura, I've been preparing my mac pro for the upgrade, but it may still be a few days before I get to it (tech support first!)

I haven't noticed mine running hotter than before, but I use mine with
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834999336 - it doesn't cool the innards any, but helps keep the outside case a few degrees cooler. Plus, simply propping the MBP increases the "radiation" portion of heat loss.

Time machine runs your disk, which usually makes my MBP whizz louder than if I just use the CPU (I work in Ramdisk a lot, it's faster, better battery life)

Though FJ development is perfectly in the scope of the Daily Dongle, sadly, V8 is the last "native" flowjo version. According to our roadmap all subsequent releases will be Java based. We'll be presenting some of our design ideas @ CDW this year, I'll see if I can post the presentations after the meeting.


Swapping over to Java makes sense (more OS cross compatibility with less development). I'd noticed it with the Win version (though I was having issues in Parallels and will try again later). I LIKED knowing FJ was native! :)

I have a podium pad which I use at times for air circulation, but prior to Leopard/new HD I hadn't needed it. I haven't yet enabled Time Machine - I need to make a partition on my home machine (running winxp) and rig up the hacks for wireless backups and try to rig up a HFS partition (don't have a USB drive). I'll have to check into RAMDisk.

For some reason Google Reader is slaughtering some of your RSS Posts - occasionally it's giving me the raw HTML instead of pretty formatted text. I'm unsure if it's TypePad, Google, or something on your end. If you'd like I'll try to actually keep better track of it and pass along anything consistent I note.

Maciej Simm

How do I set up google reader to test the garbling - is that something that requires gmail? I use the RSS screensaver in OSX to "proofread" ;) I'll definitely test and fix it if I can.

I never though to backup over wireless, I get lousy speeds with my router, and sometimes it drops the connection (which means .. start over!) leopard has some weird thing if you have safari or ichat running - those programs seize the wireless and fight over it, making the other applications appear "offline". have you seen this?


Re: Google reader - yeah, you need a google account, which includes gmail, and google talk, and picasa, and blogger, and etc etc. Then you just visit reader.google.com, subscribe to whatever rss feeds you want, and have at it. I use it for all hundred something feeds because then I can view it wherever (MBP or BlackBerry Curve). The problem isn't consistent either - some posts look great and some look all texty.

At home I'm using an old Airport Extreme router - it's four years old and supports b/g, and I haven't seen any issues with it. At work I use whatever they've got set up, or a mini-network off of one of the iMacs plugged into the wall. Then again I use firefox and adium instead of safari and ichat, which might prevent the issue. Adium does has a weird stuck process whenever it's open, as do isync and ical (which a friend uses). But anyways, I've had no problems with those apps "disappearing" since I don't use them...

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