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October 23, 2007



This is an interesting comparison, but what causes the "red shiny" diagonal area in the right panel in the 2nd raw from the top? And how could it be solved like the one on the 3rd column (just by extending the negative area for the Y-axis??)?

Maciej Simm

Tom, the red shiny is bogus, and this writeup was sent to engineering to figure it out. For now, dont use method #2. only the third one (both on) yields proper scaling.

The arrows are meant to represent directionality - once you get into an indicated state, there is no arrow pointing back - all of these changes are irreversible. This, I consider to be the major flaw in V8 but it will go away with V9.


maciej simm

update: the mac version now allows users to remove transforms (from Platforms -> transforms) starting in 9.1+.

however, the fact remains that biexponential distribution will look different depending on how it is enabled using the options described above, so it's still recommended to use "both on" transforms.

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