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December 09, 2016



Thanks so much for this! I am recent user of index sort so this was helpful however I have a very naiveté question. My previous plate sorts have been done when DIVA did not have index feature. Can I still analyse my data in the above mentioned way? That would be excellent if I could. Thanks again!

Tayler Fluharty

I am working with a 384 well plate and I cannot copy Well ID from an excel spreadsheet and past them into FlowJo (I am working in Mac OS X with FlowJo v10.2). Is there a way to paste or import Well IDs for the samples besides hand typing all 384 for every plate?

Also, each time I use the script provided (modified for 16 rows) to create individual populations for the single cells, I get 379 files, not 384. This has happened for 3 separate index plates. Has anyone else seen this or do you have a suggestion on how to get all 384 events?

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